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Компакт диск "Virtual Moon Pro"

Для того, чтобы сделать пакет Pro доступным для тех, не имеющих широкополосного интернета и не могущих загрузить 700 Мб всех доступных данных, авторами была выпущена специальная CD версия.

The "Virtual Moon Pro 5.1" CD

To make this new “Pro” version available for those who don't have wide band download possibilities (About 300 Mb with textures and overlays), and even more with the pictures libraries (About 700 Mb), we have realized a CD-Rom including and installing the complete VMA “Pro 5.1” version (ATLUN ©, DATLUN ©, PHOTLUN ©, databases, “high resolution” textures, dynamic shadows, scientific overlays and pictures libraries).

========== Content of The "Virtual Moon Pro 5.1" CD :==========

  • The new display module “ATLUN” ©
  • The pictures manager module “PHOTLUN” ©
  • The databases management software “DATLUN” ©
  • The databases “International Astronomical Union” (About 9100 entries):
    • “Nearside named formations” (about 1100 entries)
    • “Nearside indiced craters” (about 5800 entries)
    • “Historical sites” (58 entries)
    • “Farside named formations” (about 600 entries)
    • “Farside indiced craters” (about 1600 entries)
  • The historical and scientific existing databases (About 820 entries):
    • “Historical sites” (58 entries)
    • “Pyroclastic deposits” (60 entries)
    • “Volcanic domes ALPO 1976” (700 entries)
  • The textures (5) :
    • “Dynamic shadows” resolution 3000 m
    • “Aerograph with albedo” resolution 3000 m
    • “Aerograph without albedo” high resolution 1500 m
    • “Clementine” resolution 500 m
    • “Lunar Orbiter photographical” resolution 500 m
  • The 34 scientific overlays :
  • The public pictures libraries (About 7000 pictures) :
    • “Lunar Orbiter Photographic Atlas of the Moon” (1040 pictures)
    • “NASA Apollo missions” (440 pictures)
    • “NASA” Apollo Mapping Cameras (680 images)
    • “Probes” (120 pictures)
    • “Lunar Astronautical Charts” et “Lunar Maps” (810 pictures)
    • “Consolidated Lunar Atlas” (3300 pictures)
  • The complete illustrated and printable softwares (ATLUN, DATLUN and PHOTLUN) documentations in html format.
  • An “install” software for the computer (Windows, Linux ).

Beware ! All the maps, pictures and databases contained on the CD-Rom are submitted to their respective owners (NASA, LPI, USGS…) copyrights and can't be used outside of VMA. Databases are under copyright of Christian Legrand

The installed software can be completed by downloading (cf “Download page”) the following modules :

  • The non-public “high resolution” textures :
    • “Kaguya Dynamic shadows” resolution 2000 m
    • “Lunar Orbiter photographic” resolution 200 m
  • The non-public pictures libraries :
    • “Kaguya probe”
    • “Best of Higgins”
    • “Best of Lazzarotti”
    • “Best of Amateurs”

You need the following to enjoy all the program features:

  • Graphic card better than Nvidia G210 or ATI 5450.
  • Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7
  • Linux with Gtk2 and OpenGL acceleration.

To obtain the complete VMA version "Pro 5.1" CD-Rom:

World wide secure Credit Card payment:

VMA version "Pro" Windows CD-Rom, 20 € (Euros) :

VMA version "Pro" Linux CD-Rom, 20 € (Euros) :

For any question : E-Mail : Christian Legrand

Your order will be sent to you as soon as possible. Our CD-Rom are home made by ourselves and this service is realized on our leisure time. It depends with our professional activities that are different. It's possible that, in a first step, delivering time will be pretty long depending of the demand. We insure you that we will try not to be more than one month after your purchase request before sending your CD.

To be completely honest, we must inform you that if we can't insure this delivery time, we will be obliged to interrupt this service to find a new solution.

We thank you in advance for your confidence and generosity.

Christian Legrand and Patrick Chevalley

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