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This page show how to add exoplanet display to Skychart using the Virtual Observatory SAMP interface.

You first need to install Topcat or Aladin and initialize the SAMP functions in Skychart.
Be sure SAMP is configured to accept table from other application and to keep them for offline use:

When ready start Topcat or Aladin and Skychart, be sure the SAMP connection between the two is active using the menu menu View / SAMP / SAMP Status.

If not use the menu View / SAMP / Connect to SAMP hub.

Open the page in your web browser.

On the row “VO CONNECTION” click the “ON” button.

A popup security prompt ask you to accept the connection between Topcat or Aladin and the web site.

Click “Yes”. A new window open and you can see the catalog table to be downloaded.

From the Topcat window, select the table on the list on the left,
then the menu Interop / Send table too… / skychart

If using Aladin, right click on the table on the list on the right,
from the menu select: Broadcast selected table to… / skychart

That's all, the exoplanet catalog is now installed in Skychart.
The stars with an exoplanet are marked on the chart with a red square and you can search for a planet name from the search bar. All the information are show in the detail window.

You can now use this data offline without the need to be connected to Topcat or the web page.

As exoplanet data are updated frequently you can update the data in Skychart simply by repeating the procedure above.

You can also use all the Topcat power to make data selection and send it to Skychart. See this example for more details.

The catalog display can be changed from the menu Setup / Catalog / VO Catalog

Click the button “Update” to make change.
For example draw as blue circle instead of red square.

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