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GAIA DR3 2024/02/25 10:59

Cartes du Ciel is free software released under the terms of the
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Version 4.2

New functions

  • New default interface with only two button bar.
  • New icon for the buttons, better suited for night vision filters. Use larger image for big buttons and high resolution screen.
  • Add direct connection to Alpaca telescope. It is now possible to use a telescope connected to a remote ASCOM Windows computer from Skychart running on Linux or macOS.
  • Support for the new GAIA DR2 star catalog.
  • Allow to use HNSKY star catalog using the “290” format.
  • New mosaic tool to prepare mosaic for image capture application.
  • Show the object rise and set time relative to the local horizon if a horizon file is loaded. This can be disabled in Setup/Observatory. Calendar rise/set are always given to the astronomical horizon.
  • Set observatory coordinates from the telescope GPS, this set a “Telescope” observatory name and not override other settings.
  • New button to Park/Unpark the ASCOM telescope.
  • Allow per chart observatory horizon profile.
  • Add update menu for Delta T and Jupiter GRS.
  • Add orange night vision mode.
  • Separate label setting for Asteroid and Comet.
  • Option to show only the celestial equator line.
  • Option to not filter the bright nebula by magnitude, only by size.
  • Option to set the drawing line width. Beware this not work with dash line when printing on Windows because of API limitation.
  • Allow to lock at the position set from the menu View/Position.

Fix and improvement

  • Default comet element download is now from
  • INDI server and driver selection is now in the telescope connection box. Option to launch indistarter is removed.
  • Improve double star display.
  • Improve magnitude filter for small FOV.
  • The resolution of the background image is now be limited to improve the performance if the screen is big or if there is not enough cpu core for processing.
  • Improve download progress display.
  • Show a warning in window title if running as administrator. Skychart never need to run as administrator but this can break the configuration.
  • Many bug fix.

Incompatibility with previous version

  • Beware the update of asteroid and comet from the main menu now delete all the old elements data from the database!
    If you need to keep this old elements or cumulate data from many source you must use the function from the menu Setup/Solar system.
  • Remove obsolete/unmaintainable LX200 and Encoder direct drivers. Please use the corresponding ASCOM or INDI drivers.
  • Depreciate the use of Mysql database and suggest to move to Sqlite if currently in use. Mysql support will be removed in the next version.
  • Client/server communication can now use J2000 coordinates instead of the current chart setting. You can change this option in Setup/General/Server.
  • Saved circle file (.cdcc) include the coordinate equinox on the first row and more information for use with the mosaic tool.
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