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You get a warning from your antivirus software during installation ?

Ensure you have the original file

The VMA files do not contain any virus or other “add-on” when they are build.
The servers used for the distribution are known to be reliable, they are used without problem by thousands of software.
Against you must be careful if you have downloaded the VMA on another site.

To be sure that your file has not been modified by a third party you can check the md5sum with the content of the file md5sum.txt available on the download page. More information.

False detection

The detection of a virus in a file is not an exact science. It may happen that the antivirus software find a resemblance to a known virus and gives an alert.
Below is a list of these alerts affecting the current version of the VMA.
In case you find a new one, please report it on

HTML:Iframe-gen in UK-encyclo 31.html

This alert is due to the presence of a web counter from the web site in this documentation file. It presents no risk but you can delete it without any problem because it is an older version no longer used. The current file is UK_Encyclopedia.html

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