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Cartes du Ciel is free software released under the terms of the
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Command line options

Cartes du Ciel - SkyChart accepts the following options on the command line:

Option Parameter Function
--config configuration file path Lets you specify the configuration file to use instead of the
default “%LOCALAPPDATA%\skychart\skychart.ini” or “~/.skychart/skychart.ini”
--loaddef option file path Same as the LOADDEFAULT server command
Use this option to load an extract of the configuration file that temporarily replace some option from skychart.ini.
--obslist observation list file path Load the specified observation list
--unique Do not launch the program if another instance is already running but instead send the other options to the running instance
--quit Use this option in conjunction with --unique to close the running instance, or to exit immediately.
--nosplash Do not show the splash screen on startup
--daemon Start the program in background without showing the main window
--nosave Do not save options on exit. Useful with --loaddef option
--loadmpcorb file_name Same as the LOADMPCORB server command
Use this option to load an asteroid element file.
Options affecting the first active chart
--load saved_file_name Same as the LOAD server command
Use this option to load a template with all the chart setting you cannot set here.
--search object_name Same as the SEARCH server command
--setproj ALTAZ/EQUAT/GALACTIC/ECLIPTIC Same as the SETPROJ server command
--setfov 00d00m00s or 00.00 Same as the SETFOV server command
--setra RA:00h00m00s or RA:00.00 Same as the SETRA server command
--setdec DEC:+00d00m00s or DEC:00.00 Same as the SETDEC server command
--setobs LAT:+00d00m00s
Same as the SETOBS server command
--settz Etc/GMT Same as the SETTZ server command
--setdate yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ss
or “yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss”
Same as the SETDATE server command
--setcat "path shortname active min max " Same as the SETCAT server command
--resize "width height " Same as the RESIZE server command
--dss Same as the PDSS server command
--saveimg "PNG/JPEG/BMP filename quality" Same as the SAVEIMG server command
--print "PRT/PS/BMP PORTRAIT/LANDSCAPE COLOR/BW filepath" Same as the PRINT server command

Warning, contrary to commands sent by TCP/IP, options and parameters are separated by the "=" sign without any blank space. If the parameter contains spaces it must be enclosed in double quotes "".

On Unix you can send a signal to the running program with the kill command:

Signal Action
1, HUP Reload the default chart and options
15, TERM Gracefully close the program

Automation example using command line

Automation is normally done by sending server commands to the TCP/IP connexion but in some case it may be simpler to use the command line only.

First star the main instance :
# skychart --unique

Set the image size you want:
# skychart --unique --resize="1024 768"

Then the following command show a chart of Messier 1 without opening a new window:
# skychart --unique --setfov=3 --setproj=EQUAT --search=M1

Save an image with the current chart:
#skychart --unique --saveimg="PNG /tmp/m1.png"

You can now repeat with other objects or FOV. When finished you can close the main window:
# skychart --unique --quit

It is also possible to do all at a time and exit, without displaying anything on the screen, this is useful if you want only one image:
#skychart --nosplash --daemon --resize="1024 768" --setfov=3 --setproj=EQUAT --search=M1 --saveimg="PNG /tmp/m1.png" --quit

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