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Solar system information

This window give information about the planets, their visibility and their orbits. It as well allows simulation of objects moving, independent time navigation, synchronization with chart time and zoom in/out.

Common controls:

  • Icons – Show or hide icons from tool bar.
  • Time Sync – Synchronize time with connected chart (from which is called). When now chart trigger time change, it will also change all regarding new time if watched event in this windows.

Time navigation buttons (respectively):

  • Reset - Reset original time from chart
  • Step backward - Decrease time one step backward and refresh the screen
  • Step forward - Increase time one step forward and refresh the screen
  • Play backward - Live simulation backward
  • Play forward - Live simulation forward
  • Decrease time step - Decrease time step from 1 min to Pluto revolution time. Default is 3 hours per step.
  • Increase time step - Increase time step from 1 min to Pluto revolution time

Planet visibility

Show a graph with the planet visibility for the current day. The blue band mark the twilight time and for each object the yellow bar indicate it is visible above the horizon.
You can select to start the graph at noon for a better overview of the night time.
The visibility chart also include the currently selected object, even for stars or DSO.

Planet view

Show the current aspect of every planets. Allows rectangular and spherical view, view from Sun, Earth and to look at satellite from different positions in Solar System.

Io from Jupiter

Earth on total Solar eclipse 1999-08-11

Moon from Sun at Solar eclipse 1999-08-11

Earth (rectangular view) on total Solar eclipse 1999-08-11

Inner and outer solar system

Show the orbit and position of the planets from Mercury to Mars for inner and from Jupiter to Pluto for outer planets. Orbital simulation is allowed as well. Distance from planets is optional.

Inner Solar System

Outer Solar System

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