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Pop-up windows

This matrix shows the results of on-the-chart mouse actions:

actiontargetopens on the chart:
Left click on adisplayed objecta label
Right click on adisplayed objectthe chart pop-up window with extra object possibilities
Left click on alabel (edit label mode: on)the detailed info window
Right click on alabel (edit label mode: on)the editable label pop-up window
Right click on alabel (edit label mode: off)the chart pop-up window
Right click on aempty spot on the chartthe chart pop-up window

The Chart pop-up window

When the “edit label” mode is set to “off”, the chart pop-up windows are shown when you do a right-click anywhere on the chart. Entries in the pop-up window are:

  • About … this entry only appears if you do a right-click on an object on the chart. Clicking this line opens the detailed information window containing specific information about the object.
  • All the objects at this position This open a list of the the objects near the cursor position.
  • Search by name Search the selected object name in external indexes.
  • Search by position Search in external indexes for objects at the cursor position.
  • SAMP send coordinates Send the cursor coordinates to other SAMP applications.
  • Centre on This moves the chart to centre the position where the right click occurred.
  • Zoom + Centre same as “Centre” and a division of the FOV by 2.
  • Zoom - Centre same as “Centre” and a multiplication of the FOV by 2.
  • Copy coordinates copy the current object or cursor position to the clipboard.
  • Cleanup map Remove all temporary drawing from the map. Also remove object locking.
  • Specific tool box menu If your current Tool box script include a menu it is visible here.
  • Finder Circle shows a secondary menu :
    • Select Circle select the circle to activates.
    • Select Rectangle select the rectangle to activates.
    • Eyepiece vision simulate the vision in an eyepiece using the wider selected circle. Work only if the current chart FOV is about the same as the circle diameter.
    • Mosaic open the mosaic tool to prepare mosaic for your camera.
    • New Finder Circle shows a floating finder circle. You can fix this to the chart by a left-click on the chart. You can create as many Finder Circles as you want. These Finder circles are independent of the “Chart → Lines/Grid → Show Mark” command or the icon in the object tool bar.
    • Remove Last Circle deletes the last finder circle created by the previous command.
    • Remove All Circles deletes all finder circles created by the “New Finder Circle” command.
    • Save to file record all the circles position to a file.
    • Load from file read the circles position from a file.
  • Observing list shows a secondary menu :
    • View Observing list Open the Observing list window.
    • Add … to observing list Add the selected object to the observing list.
  • Labels shows a secondary menu :
    • New Label puts a user defined label on the chart. See Labels.
    • Remove Last Label deletes the last label created by the “New Label” command.
    • Remove All Labels deletes all the labels created by the “New Label” command.
    • Recover hidden labels Recover the label hidden using the Edit Label pop-up menu.
  • Telescope shows a secondary menu :
    • Slew to cursor position Move the telescope at the current position, even if no object is selected.
    • Slew same command as Telescope → Slew or the icon
    • Sync same command as Telescope → Sync or the icon
    • Connect same command as Telescope → Connect or the icon
    • Abort Slew Stops the execution of a “Slew” command.
    • Track telescope same as Telescope → Track telescope.
  • Image list If some image are displayed this open the Image list window.
  • Set target to … Set the current object as “target”. A target indicator will be show on the screen border when the object is no more in the field.

  • Lock/Unlock Chart same as Window → Lock on .... or the icon

The Edit Label pop-up window

The Edit Label pop-up window is only shown when you right-click a label while the “edit label” mode is set to “on”. You can change this mode setting by clicking the icon in the object tool bar, or from the menu by clicking Edit → Edit label. For further information, see Labels.

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