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Cartes du Ciel-SkyChart as an application server

Guide content

It is possible to use Skychart as a server to automate some task.

This is the function that is used when another software can open Skychart to show a map of the object you are working on.
This functions are normally documented in the calling software.

On the Skychart side there is only minimal configuration available. Just be sure that Use TCP/IP Server is checked, that Server IP interface is set to and the Server IP port is 3292. A restart of the program is required after a change in this options.

If you plan to connect to Skychart from another computer on your network you need to change the Server IP interface to

To know if a program is connected to Skychart you can use the Server Information window.

You cannot exit Skychart as long as another application is connected. In this case all the way to close Skychart just make it to minimize in the task bar.

To close Skychart you need to quit all the connected application first. Depending on the application it may also close Skychart automatically.

You can develop your own applications or scripts to automate Skychart. See the list of Server Commands and example scripts.

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