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Installation on Linux Mageia

Base software

The stable version of Skychart is already included into the packages provided by the Mageia repositories.

To install the software, just use rpmdrake (or using the Mageia Control Center) as shown in the figure below:

To install from a command line terminal, type as root:

urpmi skychart

or using sudo as a standard user:

sudo urpmi skychart

Some functionalities of Skychart are not available in the rpm provided by Mageia repositories (artificial satellites computation and Iridium flares prediction).
If you need such functionalities please use rpm provided on Skychart homepage.


To save bandwith, starting with Skychart 3.4, offline documentation is provided by a separate package named skychart-wikidoc. To install it from a command line terminal, type as root:

urpmi skychart-wikidoc

Additional Catalog

Only minimal data are include with software package.
You can get RPM files for more stars, nebulae and pictures on the download page.

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