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Software download

The files have been split into several packages in order to facilitate transfers and so that everyone can choose the elements that interests him. The only compulsory element is the basic software.

Pre-requested :

  • An OpenGL compatible graphic card.
  • Windows 7/8/10 or Linux/Mac with Wine

Basic software

Software version 7.0
Virtual Moon Atlas 7.0

MD5 sum
137 MB
June 20 2020
The new version 7.0 of the program:
- With the main program, the data manager, image manager.
- The basic textures with 1000m resolution
- The databases
English and French version with illustrated documentation.

Note: This version is also available on SD card including image libraries as well as all textures up to 60m resolution (8GB of data).
Consult the page "Where to order the SD card"
PDF documentation 44 MB
June 20 2020
The program documentation in PDF format


Translations 17 MB
June 20 2020
Translations of the program into languages other than French and English.

Additional data

Additional data
Data pack
1.2 GB
June 20 2020
- Additional texture with 250m resolution
- Historical texture
- Spatial probe image library
- Scientific overlay
Amateurs pictures
273 MB
June 20 2020
- Amateurs picture library
High resolution texture (require “Data pack”)
High resolution texture
1.4 GB
June 20 2020
- Additional texture with 120m resolution
Very high resolution texture (require “High resolution texture”)
Very high resolution Chang'e
1.1 GB
June 20 2020
- Chang'e texture with 60m resolution
Very high resolution LOLA-Kaguya
1.6 GB
June 20 2020
- LOLA-Kaguya texture with 60m de resolution
Very high resolution LOPAM
1 GB
June 20 2020
- LOPAM texture with 60m de resolution
Very high resolution LRO WAC
1.1 GB
June 20 2020
- LRO WAC texture with 60m de resolution
Additional LAC charts
LAC charts
383 MB
July 25 2020
- Additional texture “Lunar Astronautical Charts” at full resolution

Older versions

Use this version on a old computer with Windows 95 or 98, or in the case your graphic card do not support the full version.

For Windows computer
Virtual Atlas "Light" 3.5c 6.2 MB
May 28 2008
2D software with Nearside and Farside, without libration display only for limited hardware without OpenGL support and including :
- Basic airbrush texture 2D mean resolution“
- “Geologic map / Nearside”
- “Named formations” Nearside and Farside databases”.
- Documentation.
English and French versions.
For Pocket PC
PocketLun 113 MB
December 22 2009
The Pocket PC version of VMA :
“2D lunar globe” with Nearside Farside and phases display,
- Audio comments on formations can be recorded - Databases “Named formations of Nearside and Farside”,
“LOPAM” pictures library
For Mac
Version 6.1 2013 Only for the old versions of Mac OS X up to 10.13

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