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Software download

The files have been split into several packages in order to facilitate transfers and so that everyone can choose the elements that interests him. The only required element is the basic software.

Prerequisite :

  • An OpenGL compatible graphic card.
  • Windows 7/8/10/11 or Linux

To install on Windows launch each installation file respecting the order of the prerequisites.
For Linux see the installation instructions.

Basic software

Software version 8.2
Virtual Moon Atlas 8.2
- Windows
- Linux
- Linux basic data

- MD5 sum
137 MB
May 2 2023
The new version 8.2 of the program:
- With the main program, the data manager, image manager.
- The basic textures with 1000m resolution
- The 16 pixel/degree DEM, resolution of 1895 meters
- The databases
- English and French version with illustrated documentation.
- Fix issues reported in the version 8.1 and 8.2, mainly in the databases.

Note: This version is also available on SD card including image libraries as well as all textures up to 60m resolution (11 GB of data).
Consult the page "Where to order the SD card"


- Windows
- Linux
17 MB
March 27 2023
Translations of the program into languages other than French and English.

Additional data

Additional data
Data pack
- Windows
- Linux
1.5 GB
March 27 2023
- Additional texture with 250m resolution
- Historical texture
- Spatial probe image library
- Scientific overlay
Amateurs pictures
- Windows
- Linux
654 MB
March 27 2023
- Amateurs picture library
High resolution texture (require “Data pack”)
High resolution texture
- Windows
- Linux
1.8 GB
March 27 2023
- Additional texture with 120m resolution
Very high resolution texture (require “High resolution texture”)
Very high resolution LRO WAC LOW SUN
- Windows
- Linux
1.3 Go
March 27 2023
- LRO WAC texture in grazing lighting with 60m resolution
Very high resolution Chang'e
- Windows
- Linux
1.1 GB
March 27 2023
- Chang'e texture with 60m resolution
Very high resolution LOLA-Kaguya
- Windows
- Linux
1.6 GB
March 27 2023
- LOLA-Kaguya texture with 60m de resolution
Very high resolution LOPAM
- Windows
- Linux
1 GB
March 27 2023
- LOPAM texture with 60m de resolution
Very high resolution LRO WAC
- Windows
- Linux
1.1 GB
March 27 2023
- LRO WAC texture with 60m de resolution
Additional LAC charts
LAC charts
- Windows
- Linux
365 MB
March 27 2023
- Additional texture “Lunar Astronautical Charts” at full resolution
High resolution Digital Elevation Model (DEM)
The two files .lbl and .img must be copied to: C:\Program Files (x86)\VirtualMoon\data\dem\
or for Linux: /usr/share/virtualmoon/data/dem/
It is possible to install many resolution, they are selected automatically depending on the selection length.
DEM 128
2 GB - Digital Elevation Model DEM 128 pixel/degree, resolution of 237 meters
For higher resolutions it is necessary to download and copy all the following ldem_xxx.lbl and ldem_xxx.img files. (Warning! not the ldec_xxx files)
DEM 256
ldem_256_* 8 files
8 GB - Digital Elevation Model 256 pixel/degree, resolution of 118 meters
DEM 512
ldem_512_* 32 files
32 GB - Digital Elevation Model 512 pixel/degree, resolution of 59 meters
DEM 1024
ldem_1024_* 288 files
128 GB - Digital Elevation Model 1024 pixel/degree, resolution of 29 meters

Older versions

Use this version on a old computer with Windows 95 or 98, or in the case your graphic card do not support the full version.

For Windows computer
Virtual Atlas "Light" 3.5c 6.2 MB
May 28 2008
2D software with Nearside and Farside, without libration display only for limited hardware without OpenGL support and including :
- Basic airbrush texture 2D mean resolution“
- “Geologic map / Nearside”
- “Named formations” Nearside and Farside databases”.
- Documentation.
English and French versions.
For Pocket PC
PocketLun 113 MB
December 22 2009
The Pocket PC version of VMA :
“2D lunar globe” with Nearside Farside and phases display,
- Audio comments on formations can be recorded - Databases “Named formations of Nearside and Farside”,
“LOPAM” pictures library
For Mac
Version 6.1 2013 Only for the old versions of Mac OS X up to 10.13

Installation instructions for Linux

You must first install the package libpasastro 64bit . You may already have it if you use “Cartes du Ciel”.

For Linux it is necessary to install the two packages “Program” and “Basic data” from the files “virtualmoon_8.0_amd64.deb” and “virtualmoon-baseddata_8.0_all.deb”.

With Debian or Ubuntu based Linux systems you can open these files directly with the graphical installer or use the following command:
sudo dpkg -i virtualmoon_8.0_amd64.deb virtualmoon-basedata_8.0_all.deb

On other systems you can convert these files with the “alien” command.
For example to get a tar file: alien -t virtualmoon_8.0_amd64.deb
For other options use: man alien

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