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Cartes du Ciel is free software released under the terms of the
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Keyboard Shortcuts

Scale, Field of Vision

  • +: Zoom in
  • -: Zoom out
  • 1, 2, …9, 0, a: predefined FOV range #
  • Mousewheel push: Zoom in
  • Mousewheel pull: Zoom out
  • Continuous left mouse click with drag of the mouse cursor: select a zone to Zoom in
    • Continuous left mouse click with drag of the mouse cursor: move the selected zone over the chart
    • left-click in the selected zone: confirm the Zoom

For a precise form of control over the Field of Vision, see the lower part of View → Postion.

The left mouse click behavior can be changed by using the Change mouse mode button

Directions and displacements

  • n: Display the North horizon
  • e: Display the East horizon
  • s: Display the South horizon
  • w: Display the West horizon
  • z: Display the Zenith
  • keyboard and numpad arrows (even diagonal): chart displacement in the direction of the arrow
    • + Ctrl: faster displacement
    • + Shift: slower displacement
  • Mousewheel click and drag: chart displacement
  • shift + left mouse key pressed and drag: chart displacement

For a precise positioning of your chart, see the upper part of View → Position.

Finder mark

Enter the rotation mode

  • Shift+C : Rotate the main camera rectangle.
  • Shift+G : Rotate the guider position around the main camera center.
  • Shift+S : Rotate both the main camera and guider at the same time.


  • Left arrow : Rotate counterclockwise by five degrees.
  • Right arrow : Rotate clockwise by five degrees.

Quit the rotation mode using the same key as to enter


  • Ctrl+K : Abort slew


The following is only applicable when the display of stars is set to parametric mode.

  • ctrl + q: increase faint stars size
  • ctrl + a: decrease faint stars size
  • ctrl + w: increase brightness
  • ctrl + s: decrease brightness
  • ctrl + e: increase contrast
  • ctrl + d: decrease contrast
  • ctrl + r: increase color saturation
  • ctrl + f: decrease color saturation
  • ctrl + i: show/hide the background pictures

Object selection

  • left-click on an object: Select the nearest object in the cursor radius and show selection label.
  • Ctrl + left-click on an object: Selects an extended object whose cursor is within the diameter.
  • Alt + left button down : Continuously identify objects under the cursor.

Object information and label

  • left-click on an object selection label: Open the detail information window
  • right-click on an object: object pop-up menu
  • Ctrl+L: Display the chart informations.
  • Ctrl+Shift+L: Display the chart legend.

While “edit label” mode is on:


  • F1: contextual help (These documents)
  • F11: full screen
  • ctrl + Shift +M: show/hide the main menu
  • ctrl + c: copy chart to clipboard
  • ctrl + l: reload the translation file for the current language
  • ctrl + tab: activate the next chart
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