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A fordítás régebbi, mint az eredeti oldal, ezért lehet, hogy már elavult. Módosítások megtekintése.


Cartes du Ciel is free software released under the terms of the
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Közreműködésed az oldalakhoz

Közreműködhetsz ezen oldalak írásában, főként a dokumentáció és a FAQ ( gyik) oldalainál.

Először regisztrálnod kell magadat mielőtt szerkesztheted az oldalakat.

Lépj kapcsolatba velem, ha fordítást szeretnél indítani egy új nyelven, mivel némi munkám van vele először.

Please follow the following rules_ to keep some homogenity between the different translations.

Start by reading the documentation.
This web use DokuWiki, there is some syntax difference with other wiki. The Syntax guide give all the necessary informations.
Then go to the playground to try your skill.

Learn about the existing pages
As well the English pages and those in your own language to not redo an existing work.
Use the „Index” button at the bottom of the page to explore the full site.

English pages are the reference one.
You can start by translating them to your own language.
If you write a new text in a language other than English it is good to also write the same text in English. Even if your English is not better than mine, this can be corrected later by another user. The most important is the other editor know about your text.

It is of higher priority to have a complete English documentation rather than many translation of an incomplete documentation.

To start a new page translation add or translate the link to the upper level page. When you click this link you get a message because this page do not exist, click the „Create this page” button.
From another browser tab, look at the original English page source code, do a copy and past to your new page. Save it.
You can now start the translation section by section in a more easy way.

Respect the name spaces
All the pages for a language are grouped together by namespace, en: for English and en:documentation: for the documentation. Do not add other language pages to this namespace but ask me to create a new one.

Avoid to use non ASCII character for documentation page name
Specifically for language using multi-bytes characters, this may prevent to install the documentation on some platform.
Place the translation after the | in the link instead:


Use image of small size
800×600 is the maximum size for a screenshot and the format must be JPEG. Always reduce the image size in the text, your page can be read without scrolling on a 800×600 screen.

Never use „/” character in a name even to separate the name space part. This may work with the current wiki setting but the correct character is „:” as stated in the documentation.

Use the latest available snapshot version of the program as reference
The program is still evolving and new functions are added. Don't hesitate to ask me in case of doubt.

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